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Monday 5 April 2010

Is Tuna Tin a Brunette?

I noticed that the film "Sliding Doors" was on TV a few nights ago. In this, Gwyneth Paltrow plays a character whose life ends up in two different scenarios, depending on whether or not she catches a specific tube train. It made me wonder how my alter ego over at Tuna Tin was getting on. In my imagination, Tuna Tin is like a more confident, glamorous, successful version of me whose life just took a slightly different turn.

Tuna Tin, for example, didn't mess up the interview at Cambridge by going completely blank when asked about the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Hitler and the 3rd Reich (which was one of her so-called specialist subjects in History), and took up the place offered there.

Tuna Tin decided to pursue her love of acting by joining a local amateur dramatics company. She invited the boyfriend of one of her Cambridge friends to one of her plays. He happened to be related to a famous director, who immediately snapped her up to play a small, but significant role in an edgy new drama.

Tuna Tin turned down several proposals of marriage from very eligible bachelors in order to concentrate on her acting career.

Tuna Tin does not have any children. She spends her weekends in the country with friends, or in town sipping champagne and admiring her designer shoe collection.

Tuna Tin is lonely and miserable. I am glad I am not her.

What are the "what if" moments in your life?


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