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Monday 12 April 2010

Blonde, brunette, redhead - is it all the same?

DD1 is a little mini-me, DD2 is like a female version of hubby - they couldn't look more different.

I'm naturally a sort of dark, honey blonde, currently sporting lighter highlights. My husband had jet black hair when I met him, and is now a sort of George Clooney grey. My mother is a redhead (getting paler of course now). DD2 has been taking a lot of notice of hair colour suddenly, so this has somehow become important. She often goes around pointing out what colour someone's hair is. For example, she points out that mummy's and her sister's hair is blonde.

Suddenly last week, however, she decided that she also wanted to be blonde. I had to explain that her hair was dark, like daddy's. "no", she said "daddy's hair is grey". Ok, fair point. She then thought hard. "My hair is a little bit blonde, underneath".

I'm surprised that she feels so strongly about this. However, it did get me thinking about what hair colour says about me. In some ways, I do not really have a huge amount of choice - lighter is all I can realistically go without it looking too strange on me. I have therefore only ever been varying shades of blond. I can be no other way without changing my appearance drastically and it looking strange.

I do sometimes wonder if being blonde is a help or a hindrance. At work, I certainly stand out, which can be positive. On the other hand, I have also experienced surprise that I am at my relative level of seniority, as I suppose in some ways I look younger than my years.

Is hair colour important, or just another element of your appearance? Has changing your hair colour made others react to you differently?


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