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Thursday 1 April 2010

Swoop, Swoop, Swoop - the verdict

It's been nearly a week now since we returned from France for "first ski holiday with children". The pain has subsided and the bruises are starting to turn from their initial angry red, through the sludgy brown of a snow-bereft piste, to garish hues of purple and yellow. It therefore seems like a good time to reivew and take stock.

Arrival at Bristol aiport; car park we have booked is full, so we are upgraded to a closer one. Result.
Ski Demons: 0 - Sardine Tin: 1

Arrival at Chambéry airport and transfer to resort - I feel travel sick for the first time in about 20 years on the snaking mountain roads. Bleurgh.
Ski Demons: 1 - Sardine Tin: 1

Chalet is lovely, girls are fab and look after us well with delicious food and drink. Burp.
Ski Demons: 1 - Sardine Tin: 2

Severe pain in my feet/toes whilst skiing turns out to be caused by the fact my ski boots no longer fit me properly. Ouch.
Ski Demons: 2 - Sardine Tin: 2

Kids enjoy childcare/ski school. Yay.
Ski Demons: 2 - Sardine Tin: 3

Ski instructor suggests we take DD1 to see GP on return to UK as movement does not appear to be aligned in her left leg. Argh.
Ski Demons: 3 - Sardine Tin: 3

Snow gets increasingly slushy due to rain at beginning of the week and lack of fresh powder - makes skiing v. difficult (use this as excuse for my poor performance for most of the week). Ouf.
Ski Demons: 4 - Sardine Tin: 3

I pop my black run cherry. POP.
Ski Demons: 4 - Sardine Tin: 4

And finally... I agree to do it all again next year. Fool.

Final Score: Ski Demons: 4 - Sardine Tin - 5


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