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Saturday 24 April 2010

My other blog is a Rolls Royce

Something DD2 said to me over the weekend made me think back to the days when I was toying with the idea of starting a blog. To quote her; "mummy, why do your feet smell" (no truth at all in this unjust accusation of course, ahem).

As she is currently going through that phase of being very curious about body parts, it reminded me that an early alternative name for this blog was going to be "Why have you got hair there mummy". That soon got dismissed - too long, too non-descript, and with the dreaded mummy in the title. At the risk of offending some of the lovely readers of this blog, many of whom do have mummy in their blog titles, there were already just too many blogs with mummy in the title out there, and I didn't necessarily want to add to the list.

I looked at naming my blog almost like a branding exercise. It had to be something a little different, that would stand out, but that also felt personal enough for me to somehow relate to. Other titles that quickly got discarded included:

"WMB" - Wife, Mother, Boss (or Blogger, depending on which day it was!) -it turned out there was already a World of Make Believe blog using my required URL.

"No sex please... I'm a working mum with two small children" - again, too long, and not necessarily easily shortened.

"Bags and Baggage" - for those under my eyes and in my life. Might keep this one if I ever write a travel blog, although there's bound to be one out there already.

"Like Mother, Like Daughter" - felt this would be a little limiting.

So then I trawled all those websites dedicated to funny quotes and pithy sayings in the hope that I would find a suitable phrase for harassed working mother:

" No more cakes and ale"
"My salad days"
- both of which seemed to indicate that I was writing a dieting blog, which of course was untrue.

I finally settled on The Sardine Tin, following the quote from Alan Bennett: "Life is rather like a tin of sardines - we're all of us looking for the key." It seemed to nicely sum up the juggling element of my life - oh, and the Twitter name was still free!

What's behind the name of your blog? Are you please with it, or do you wish you had gone for something else?


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