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Friday 16 April 2010

Life begins at (insert age of your choice here)

I read an article in the paper recently that said most young people (i.e. aged 16-24 – sigh – anyone remember what that feels like?) in a recent survey consider that youth ends, and middle age begins, at 35. I suppose it is no secret to those that have read my previous blog posts that I am 36, so on that basis I am now officially middle aged.

Recognition has therefore now hit me – finally, I understand why:

1) I have started listening to Radio 2 in the car in the mornings

2) We’re members of the National Trust

3) My ideal evening is a glass of red wine (can’t take more than 2!) and an early night

4) I recently asked my husband to turn the music down, as it was “too loud”

5) My favourite Christmas present was my new slippers

6) Not only do I look and sound like my mother, I am starting to agree with her!

7) I can’t remember how many signs I was originally going to come up with…

However, all is not lost, there may yet still be some hope for me, as (drumroll please!):

I recently got asked for ID when trying to buy a bottle of wine in M&S

The fact that the elderly cashier had a very thick pair of glasses on is neither here not there...

Photo courtesy of Jimmiehomeschoolmom


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