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Thursday 8 April 2010

7 Things you didn't know about me - a Meme

It appears it has been a good few days for memes. I was tagged by Utterly Scrummy, Christine at Thinly Spread and Super Single Mum for this one.

Ironically for someone who started off this blog wanting to remain relatively anonymous, I have always naturally veered slightly towards the Too Much Information end of the spectrum, so I guess this is right up my street.

1) Please don't try to feed me carrots. I suddenly developed an allergy to them in their uncooked state at around the age of 16, and haven't been able to eat them raw since then. As I hate boiled carrots with a vengeance (what a truly heinous thing to do to such a tasty vegetable), this has proved a great shame. Roast them, stir-fry them, or hide them in a sauce or casserole, and I am fine, but sometimes it is just easier to tell people I don't eat them at all.

2) I can make you think I'm German. I spent around half my childhood in total in Germany, and I speak the language fluently - even Germans can't tell I'm a foreigner. I love languages generally - as well as German, I speak reasonable French (once upon a time I could pretend I was fluent, now it's mainly rusty), smatterings of Finnish, Italian, Russian, and if I'm really trying to impress you, I will tell you I spent two years attempting to learn Japanese, none of which actually stuck!

3) We have three copies of Catcher in the Rye in our house. One copy is in German, from when we read it at school (see above), I then decided I wanted to read the original English version, and one copy is hubby's. Apparently that makes it likely I'm going to end up a serial killer.

4) I hate the name Jools. With. A. Vengeance. It will alway remind me of Jools Holland, and much as I like the man, I don't want his name. Don't give me all that "ah, but there's also Jools Oliver" nonsense. My name is Julie - don't you dare shorten it.

5) I'm a loyal collector - once I have decided on a series of books, films, music etc I feel compelled to keep buying the next work (no matter how bad) to complete my collection. For example, I possess every work ever written by Agatha Christie, and every James Bond film ever made.

6) I'm terrible at playing the violin, but great at making it look like I am. I spent two years in the school orchestra and probably played around 3 actual notes in all of that time. This was in protest at my music teacher forcing me into the orchestra when all I wanted to do was give up the wretched instrument.

7) The last time I went to the dentist was around four years ago. Don't get me wrong - I'm not one of these dental-phobics, not at all. It just sort of started off with not having much time to do anything - small child, going back to work, blah, blah - it was always on my "to do" list. Then the dentist I was seeing decided to have a policy that if someone didn't come for a year, they were taken off the list and would have to re-register. Another hurdle I never seemed to get around to climbing. Recently, a dentist around the corner has been advertising for new patients. I should take the kids for their first appointment. I'll call them tomorrow...

So now I have to tag other Bloggers. The rules are as follows:
1) Copy the award to your blog
2) Insert a link to the person who nominated you (see intro, above)
3) Share 7 things about yourself you haven't told us before - see above,
4) Tag 7 other bloggers (I am cheating, I have only come up with 5)
5) Link to their blogs
6) Tell them they have been nominated

Tricky one, as I think I have come to this one relatively late again, so I am tagging:

Heather at Eggs, Cream and Honey as I am always intrigued by anyone living an expat lifestyle.

Sandrine and Marianne at Paris-Ankara Express - as I want to know which one of them we will get facts about

Sian at Psychodelic Elephants as I have only just discovered her blog

Purple Ramblings as her ramblings intrigue me and I want to find out more

Holly at It's a Mummy's Life as someone whose blog was one of the first I stumbled across, and I still greatly admire


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