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Sunday 18 April 2010

Parenting For Dummies

Before I disappoint you, no, I'm not going to give you parenting lessons (heaven forbid). No, this post is about exactly that - would you consider taking lessons in parenting?

We were at a local shopping centre yesterday, and were approached at the playground there by a very nice lady handing out flyers advertising exactly that.

"Whethere your kids are toddlers or teens, you'll value these gentle and humorous insights into being a parent (and a chance to chat and discuss your own parenting experiences)."

I did the usual thing of nodding and smiling politely, and shoved the flyer in my handbag, meaning to pop it straight in the recycling bin when I got home. However, then I started thinking - why wouldn't I go? Apart from the usual excuses of no time, blah blah, the real thing holding me back was that I didn't actually think I needed them. I don't have any major issues with my children (touch wood). They are well balanced, (mostly) well behaved, happy girls that eat well, sleep well, and interact well with others. Those sort of classes are for people having issues with their children, right?

However, let's face it - we could all use some help at one point or another. We all go off to antenatal classes, where we are told about what position to adopt to best prepare for labour. They might even briefly cover nappy changing and breast feeding. Maybe if you're like me, you went out and bought various different text books. Around 6 months, the health visitor did a session for us on weaning. After all that, however, you are pretty much left to your own devices. Starting school? Teenage tantrums? Just get on with it.

So why wouldn't I take parenting classes?


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