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Saturday 12 June 2010

Musical Youth (or lack thereof)

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I need your help.

I fear I am living in the musical dark ages.

Not only do I not possess an iPod*, but 99% of the music I end up playing seems to pre-date 2005. Granted, since having children that are old enough to express a preference, the CBeebies CD seems to be the only thing that is an acceptable musical soundtrack to our lives. Well, that, or "Sha La La La". However, I can't help thinking that I should be branching out a little and exploring new things.

It appears to be a fact of life that having children means things you might have done"BC" fall a little short. I don't read as many books as I used to. My previous "annual" pass to the cinema would not provide much use for my annual visits. Lazy afternoons in the pub aren't quite as lazy anymore. All of that I expected.

What I didn't expect was that my music listening habit would change. After all, music is something you can have on in the background, even when you are doing other things. Music drowns out the sound of the washing machine, and calms a fraught mealtime (note: this does not apply if you are playing The Prodigy).

I have become lazy in my choices - sticking to the tried and tested. Listening to things that evoke a nostalgia for my youth.

So, tell me - what should I be listening to?

After all, I've got Spotify, and I'm not afraid to use it...
(*or similar - other personal music players are also available, although technically I now have that functionality on my phone)


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