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Thursday 3 June 2010

Five Year's Time Meme

I've been tagged at Lou in the "5 Years" Meme. I liked this one as it is a nice spontaneous one that I didn't have to think too hard about.

The rules are: answer the 5 questions, and pass it on to 5 other bloggers. Dead simple.

Where were you five years ago?

On maternity leave with DD1. She would still have been in the horrible nightmare of her first 8 weeks. Those first weeks when I was so tired I didn't know what to do with myself. She had terrible reflux as a baby, and would throw up pretty much most of her milk around 15 minutes after having fed. This meant we were on a nightmare cycle of perma-feeding. She wouldn't sleep properly as she was always hungry of course, and never put on enough weight. It was my most miserable time, and my health visitor was convinced I had a form of post-natal depression, although I still think it was more to do with the tiredness, as it lifted when she got stronger and started sleeping better. Strange how the overwhelming memory seems to be that tiredness, although she has brought such joy.

Where would you like to be five years from now?

Dull, I know, but probably pretty much where I am now, with a few more crow's feet! - I think I'm in a pretty happy state. In a slightly tidier and more "finished" house maybe (so many little jobs, sigh).

What is on your to-do list today?

Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. It's been two weeks since I let my cleaner go, and I haven't got round to finding a new one yet. The ironic thing is that I didn't think she was up to my imagined standards, yet in reality I am probably one of the messiest people I know. Still, at least I'm not paying someone to not clean properly - perfectly capable of that myself!

What five snacks do you enjoy?

Savoury over sweet any day!:

1) crisps - any variety, any flavour

2) dips - preferably with (1) above, but not fussy - will also eat them with veg, breadsticks, fingers... houmous top preference

3) Cheese... with a nice crunchy cracker

4) Nuts - roasted & salted

5) OK, under duress, my only sweet thing - Haribo sweets, yum. Childhood flavours.

What would you do if you were a billionaire?

Wow, a BILLionaire... not just a common or garden millionaire? I don't think I could even begin to comprehend what that would feel like. You hear about millionaires losing everything, or lottery winners managing to spend their entire winnings, but unless you bet it all on a horse, I would imagine a billion or two would never really run out. So, I suppose all the usual boring stuff - houses, holidays, cars for family and close friends. I would probably give a lot of it to charity - you would have to do something good with it. I dunno...bathe in champagne everyday...?

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