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Tuesday 15 June 2010

The Gallery - Motherhood

This week's Gallery prompt is a tough one.


I wracked my brains. I went through pictures of myself with the children. I went through pictures of my mother with me. They were beautiful and meaningful, but didn't feel quite right. I wanted something more abstract. I dismissed the piles of washing and close-ups of crow's feet. I dismissed the drawings on the wall.

In the end, I settled for this:

Before you all start rolling your eyes and wondering what the hell a pair of wellies has to do with motherhood, let me explain.

Before I had children, the last time I possessed a pair of wellington boots was probably when I was a child myself. Motherhood makes the need for stilettos into a luxury, rather than a necessity.
They represent sacrifice.
They represent comfort.

These wellies have splashed in the best puddles and walked in the best parks.
They represent fun.

These wellies are regularly worn by my children, who love nothing more than dressing up in mummy's shoes.
They represent empathy.

They are a bit messy and worn, but definitely loved.


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