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Tuesday 1 June 2010

The Gallery - Still Life

This week's Gallery prompt is "Still Life".

It appears to be a fact of life (at least in my household) that you can never have enough storage space. This is especially true in the kitchen. Despite the fact that our current house is quite a lot larger than our last house, the opposite is sadly true of the kitchen, which is still not much more than the small Victorian afterthought at the back of the house. When we moved, we therefore had to cut down quite a lot in terms of things we could have in the kitchen. A new dresser in the dining room helps, but is never quite enough.

I would love to have one of those kitchens that had work surfaces that only had a toaster, a kettle and my beloved coffee machine sitting on them. However, more often than not, my work surfaces also end up doubling up as overflow storage. Currently, the count of "items that should not really be there" encompasses the following:

1 water bottle - hanging around from our day out on Bank Holiday Monday
1 bottle child's suncreen - ditto
3 tubs playdoh - these had dried out and were rather worse for wear, before husband had the bright idea of adding water to soften them up again. Turns out it IS possible to add too much water, which results in a horrible gloopy mess that then needs drying out again.
(also just visible all the plastic tupperware stuff that really needs a proper home!)


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