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Wednesday 3 March 2010


What am I doing here? A good question, and one that I am still asking myself.

You probably know how it goes... You keep hearing about this Twitter thing, decide to join up (@unbecroyable - stupid name, why oh why), start following the "usual" high-profile tweeters. You have no intention of actually tweeting anything of course, it's just another alternative to the telly or the internet.

Suddenly you realise that there are "real", non-celebrity people out there... and they're - *gasp* - interacting with each other! You start to follow a few of them, and even pluck up the courage to interact with them. Somehow, however, 140 characters is never quite enough... and it also dawns on you these people have blogs. It looks like fun.

As a child, I had both a lot of penfriends and a secret diary. So I guess Twitter and Blogging are an adult substitute. So, if you are reading this, be gentle with me - after all, remember what your teenage self would have thought if you had read their diary!?


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