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Friday 19 March 2010

Happiness is...

I have taken the liberty of taking up the tag thrown down by Dawn at The Moiderer regarding 10 Things that make me Happy. (Apologies, it's a bit of a rushed job. )

So - in no particular order:

1) My husband - who still makes me laugh after nearly 9 years of marriage and 15 years together in total
2) My children - almost goes without saying really - the way they make me look at the world with new eyes.
3) Sunshine - given we live in a generally grey and drizzly country every little ray brings me out in a huge grin
4) Sleep - I am just way too miserable without it. Sadly the days of a long lazy morning in bed are long gone.
5) A glass of bubbly with friends - how could it not?
6) Shoes - my biggest weakness. I know, I know, it's completely shallow, but even since the age of 3 I have had a penchant for killer heels and the way they make me feel. My 2 girls are the same!
7) Reading a good book, something I can get really engrossed in and forget what is going on around me.
8) Getting something unexpected in the post
9) Dancing insanely to the cheesiest music possible
...and finally:
10) The fact that we are going on holiday tomorrow. Yippee!!

I'll also throw this one open to anyone that would like to pick it up - comment below and let me know how you get on.


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