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Thursday 18 March 2010

Cat Crap

Dear Neighbour,

I understand that you love your cat - if I wasn't allergic to them I think I would probably have liked to have had one myself.

However, you also have small children. You understand what they are like. They like to go out and explore their environment. My two enjoy "gardening". The last thing I therefore need is cat pooh in my garden. Apart from the fact it is not particularly aesthetically pleasing, I believe it is also a cause of lots of nasty diseases. You will appreciate this is something that concerns me.

This note is therefore intended as a friendly warning that if I find fluffy, (or kittens or whatever the damn' thing is called) pooping in my garden one more time, it had better run for its life. I wouldn't mind so much if it made itself useful - after all, it failed to do anything about the rat that was living in my compost heap.

Oh, and the cat pooh is winging its way back over the fence.

Yours apologetically,
Annoyed of Wiltshire


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