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Monday 27 September 2010

I Am A Twitterholic!

Alethea, over at Mom-on-a-Wire has tagged me in the Twitterholic meme, originally created by Kate. You have to answer the questions, then tag other unsuspecting addicts lovely bloggers.

When did you join Twitter?
(You can find the exact date at bwitterday.com)
I actually joined Twitter June 22nd, 2009, but I think it's fair to say that I didn't really actively use it until some point early this year. 

Why did you join Twitter?
I think my main reason was that I had seen so much about it in the media and was curious. Plus, I was drawn in by the promise of celebrities to stalk!

Who is/was your oldest follower? Who did you follow first? Tell me all about them. 
(firstfivefollowers.com will give you this info)
The person I first followed was Stephen Fry (isn't everyone's?)
The first person who followed me is - believe it or not - Gene Hunt

Do you have any celebrities following you or have you ever had a DM from a celeb?
I think the most famous person is John Cleese. I have no idea why, other than I think I may have been the first person to react to a tweet he once sent! I keep the e-mail from Twitter stating that he is following me under my bed. As he is a Comedy God I do wonder what he sees in my mundane witterings about work and children!

If you could follow anyone who is not on Twitter - alive, dead, real or fictional - on Twitter who would it be?
I know it's predictable, but Albert Einstein - I think he'd give good tweet!

Which came first Twitter or the Blog?
Twitter. I detailed why in my first ever post

I would now like to tag: 
Chrissie at Mediocre Mum

To have a go, the rules are:
Nick the badge and mention the person who tagged you.
Answer the questions.
Select some more fab bloggers who tweet to continue the meme.


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