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Saturday 22 May 2010

More Alastair Darling than George Clooney

(This one's for you, A x)

So, OH has finally read the blog. It was bound to happen sometime - as I have mentioned previously, secrets are not really my strongest point. I've been fairly open about it, the link is in the browser history, and I've previously mentioned the name/URL in a very boring techy discussion about platforms vs self-hosting. Would he have read it if I had made a big deal about wanting to keep it private? It doesn't matter now.

So, what did he think...

- He smiled in recognition a few times, even chuckled once or twice
- He laughed at the description of his hair being "George Clooney grey" and pointed out it was closer to Alastair Darling than George Clooney these days
- He said he could see a definite improvement over time from the earlier posts, which he described as a bit "Sex and the City". By this he means the rather blatant ploy to try and get comments by just sticking a question at the end of the post.
- He was impressed with my apparent technical skills
- He was amazed by the number of comments (thank you all!)

So, that's it - I was very daunted initially, but mainly now I'm filled with a sense of relief. One less thing to worry about I suppose!


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