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Saturday 15 May 2010

Grumpy Meme

I have been tagged by both Becky at Single Mummy and London City Mum to share with you the 7 things that make me grumpy.

Despite the fact that my husband tells me I am becoming more and more of a grump in my old age, I really did struggle with this one. I have started to realise that I am good at general grumpiness, and don't necessarily always need a reason!

Anyway, here goes:

1) The fact that my children need to be woken to go to school/nursery during the week, but are invariably up at 6am at the weekend. Not funny.

2) Road Rage. Julia summed one of my pet hates up perfectly, namely inconsiderate drivers. This grump, however, goes out specifically to the driver of the black Honda Jazz who last week not only cut me up once on a roundabout, but managed to do it a second time, and be completely oblivious to the fact that she had done so, as she was too busy talking to her son in the passenger seat.

3) The fact that I can't remember the last time I went to the toilet in peace. The one time I try and sneak off is guaranteed to be the time that my daughters start squabbling and pulling each other's hair, one of them will suddenly be standing outside the door shouting "mummy, I need a wee, NOW!", or they will just decide that they desperately need to tell me that the dishwasher definitely uses more water than the washing machine. Sigh.

4) Office Politics. Too many fragile egos around at the moment. The less said about that in a public forum the better.

5) The list wouldn't be complete without mentioning OH's bad habits. We all have bad habits, myself included, but I suppose a partner's are just more constant and therefore liable for increased grumpiness. The two that make me particularly grumpy are wet towels on the bed and leaving every single light on in the house - thus forcing me to run round turning them off and cursing.

6) Stupid shopping substitutions. I do a lot of my grocery shopping online, and occasionally items will be out of stock. These might be substituted for something else. This always seems to happen to me when there is a really good offer on. Why would I want to pay full price for 2 items, when it is obvious I have only bought them because it was BOGOF?

7) The fact that it is so fricking cold at the moment. It is MAY, for God's sake!

And on that note, I would like to tag the following:

Metajugglamum - I am hoping that a good vent will help with some of her recent grumps.
Tattoed Mummy - who I am sure will be grumpy about far more interesting things than me.
Shouty Dad - does Shouty = Grumpy?
Drop4Three - although this is a little different from his normal writing, so am interested to see if he will take it up.


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