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Tuesday 21 April 2020

The discovery of the sardine tin

Hello, well, this is weird. Normally it's my mum writing the posts. Anyway, hi my name is Harriet but you know me as thing 2, DD2, number 2 child, etc. In a nutshell I am the youngest of the two children. I am almost 13, which I think is important because when the last blog was posted I was 10. In one word I would describe myself as weird, so would everyone I know. I'm that kid who likes chocolate fingers and ketchup. I told you I'm weird.

In this covid 19 crisis I have been doing work from my mum's tablet. Today I was scrolling through the camera roll when I came across a screenshot of this very website. Of course I've seen it before but I never thought about searching it. My curiosity got the better of me and next thing I know I am scrolling through these very posts. They made me laugh a lot and remember those moments. I particularly enjoyed the letter to shoe companies and got very excited of when there was a picture of my brilliant year 3 shoes. Man, saying that makes me feel old.

A lot has changed around here, we have a new kitchen and a fabulous bathroom. Pretty cool right? Covid 19 has given me a lot of free time. Which makes this even more boring. Especially because I'm an extrovert. I have to go places and the furthest I have been recently is our local pharmacy. I don't like having loads of homework but I can't just complain about that because it is my only form of education. The worst part is I might have to have my 13th birthday in lock down, however I'm kind of looking forward to it. One thing I am sad about is we had a whole list of what we were going to do and now we can't. 

I really like the name the sardine tin. One time I thought of a slogan: we are the sardines and the world is our tin can. So what's the moral of the story? Don't tell your kids you have a blog or this will happen. Heheheheheh. 


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