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Friday 6 September 2013

What Do You Buy The Woman Who Has Everything? (An Open Letter to My Husband.)

Dear Husband,

As if the whole whole redundancy thing wasn't enough to provoke the climax of my mid-life crisis, you're of course well aware that I'm going to be 21 40 in the not too distant future.

Now, we all know that 40 is the new black, and therefore there is only one way to reach this important milestone, and that is WITH STYLE.
I've always thought my tastes were simple and fairly well-known to you. It was therefore of some surprise to me when you declared that you weren't really sure what I might like for this important landmark event. Hence, I thought I would do you (and anyone else reading this that may be inclined to splash out on gifts for me or a similarly simple-tasted love one) a favour by giving you a few pointers.

Of course, what I really want for my birthday is probably slightly out of my reach:

Plus, I'll totally understand if you might have reservations with that one for obvious reasons.

Much as I know you'll definitely approve of my second choice of a little topless number, sadly I fear this may be slightly out of the budget this year...

Luxury, however, doesn't have to be massively expensive. A bottle of my favourite champagne always goes down a treat:

Louis Roederer

As would a pair of shoes of my own design from Upper Street Shoe:

(I'll be needing new ones for all those interviews I'll soon be having, after all).

When you get to a certain age, however, material possessions become less important than cherished memories. You know how much I love to travel, and there are still plenty of places I have not yet managed to experience:

Perhaps though, if time or money don't allow a trip further afield, how about somewhere more local with a GIN EXPERIENCE?

Or a romantic Bath Spa Twilight package?

Or perhaps you'd prefer London? Maybe with tea at Claridge's?


And maybe lastly, and somewhat seemingly randomly, you can't go wrong with a White Company mint diffuser. Let's face it - home is where the heart is, and it should at least smell nice.

The White Company

I'm always moaning about not being able to find waterproofs that look nice:


...and an old woman like me likes to keep warm at all times:

Lakeland heated throw to go with that electric blanket I've already got...
I refuse to ask for a steam cleaner though. Although I think I could probably do with one. We'll gloss over that though, shall we?

See? Easy.

Your 39 year old wife. x


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