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Tuesday 6 November 2012

Alternatives to Boden...

(Don't worry, I'm not going to make a habit of this fashion blogging lark, there are those that do it WAY better than I do, but seeing as, along with "jokes for kids", "Alternatives to Boden" seems to be something a lot of people visit my blog to find I'm totally abusing the SEO malarkey. Or something. Anyway, it's just an excuse for pretty pictures on my blog.)

I can't seem to move for autumn/winter fashion catalogues popping through my door at the moment, a lot of them from companies I confess I have not previously heard of. Testament to the fact I obviously haven't ticked the right box somewhere along the line, and I am on some sort of database with a header at the top that says "Women No Longer In The First Flush of Youth With A Reasonable Disposable Income That Are Suckers For Companies That Sell Them That Effortlessly Stylish Lifestyle". However, I have to say this is one form of junk mail I don't really object to.

I don't go out shopping much any more, and when I do it is somehow always seems to be with kids in tow, which, as anyone can tell you does not equate to a pleasurable browsing experience. Besides, my days of sweating and huffing in a Top Shop changing room are long gone. As with my grocery shopping therefore, most of my clothes shopping is done online these days.

Since I hardly go in the office any more, I don't really need to dress up (although I miss my killer heels, it's nice not to have to make an effort all the time). However, I do occasionally have to go out and can't really do the school run in pyjamas. Time for the "mumiform"? Once you get to a certain age, you start to wonder about the suitability of what you wear. I don't want to appear as mutton dressed as lamb, but I certainly don't think I'm ready for a twinset and pearls:


The thing is, if you really want alternatives to Boden, then the names that spring to mind (according to a quick google, anyway) are brands like Joules and Toast, neither of which I have ever been a huge fan of, if I'm honest (while I don't mind the odd pattern, I find Joules too "logo-y", and Toast clothes always seem to be on anaemic wistful models that could do with a few pies and look like they are hand knitted from mountain goats. Scratchy:


Doesn't stop either of them sending me catalogues, though.).

So what is a still 30-something woman to do if she doesn't want to look like a) her kids have used her clothes as a colouring book, or b) her mother?

Well, this season I'm mainly wearing the same clothes I've been wearing for the last 10 years loving The White Company, Mint Velvet, Phase8 and Fat Face:

But after all that I have a confession...you see today I'm actually wearing Boden...(and OMG, yes, it's beige)


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