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Monday 5 March 2012

Random Thoughts from Inside my Head, the 2 year Blogoversary Edition

So, last Saturday was my two-year blogoversary. Apparently it is customary to mark such things, although I seem to recall I missed my first one as well...still, it goes nicely with my general "I never remember birthdays or anniversaries" haphazardness.

Of course, the only reason I remember this particular anniversary, is because the Annual Ski Disaster  Trip is looming next week, and I seem to remember this being close to my first post on this blog. (I think I have documented my general fears on the subject enough, but suffice to say, I am approaching it with my usual mix of trepidation, fear and excitement. I am fully expecting the usual week of gritted teeth and "why did I agree to this", to be followed by the euphoria of "I'm not dead, let's do it again". )

Looking back, it still amazes me that I managed to maintain an average of two posts per week in my first year of blogging, when these days I barely manage two a month. Still, that's what being busier at work and having children with more demands as they get older does, I suppose.

Anyway, to those of you who have stuck around - thank you, and have you considered seeking psychiatric help?


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