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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Review - Just Dance for Kids (Wii)

I've always loved my copy of the original "Just Dance" for the Wii...well, I say "my", technically it was a Christmas present for DD1 for Christmas 2010, yet in reality, it proved that actually I was the one that used it most. Much as the kids love the songs and the routines, they are not quite yet at the age where losing comes easily to them, and sessions would generally get competitive and end up upset...When I was therefore offered a chance to review the version aimed specifically at kids, I jumped at the chance.

Unfortunately, I have to say at this point that we probably haven't played this as much as we should have done since DD1 broke her arm a few weeks ago...

What We Liked:
- Definitely easier dance moves than the adult version, which makes for much more enjoyment for the kids
- "real life" children doing the dance moves, which made it easier for the kids to relate to
- good selection of game modes, and fact it goes up to four players
- two different sets of songs aimed at slightly different age group, from the nursery rhymes for the very young to hits for slightly older children

My biggest "but" in all of this not really related to the game itself...but more to the fact that I also received Just Dance 3 as a Christmas present, which in my opinion improves on the "problems" with the original Just Dance (duet mode, group dance mode meaning you don't necessarily have to compete against each other). Because the selection of hits is slightly newer (Katy Perry, anyone), it also appears that DD1 (age 6) prefers playing this to the kids version as she knows more of the songs...

In summary, I would therefore say it is still perfect for DD2 (age 4), or for any children that don't have any previous experience of any of the Just Dance franchise. For older children, or anyone that has played before, personally I'd go straight for Just Dance 3...


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