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Tuesday 18 January 2011

I ♥ Me - Week 2

So, the theme of Notes' weekly meme is I ♥ Me Monday. It can't have failed to escape your notice that today is, in fact, Tuesday, and I am terribly late (sorry, Notes!). Still, I am hoping the "my dog ate my homework" excuse will suffice in this case...

This week, Notes has asked us to answer the following question: What Do You Want For You in 2011?

Ignoring the slightly facetious answers (an Aston Martin, a Mulberry Handbag, Robert Downey Jr...) this one did make me pause. You see, what I want is probably work-related for the first time in a long time. 

I'll admit that I've been lucky - things have fallen into my lap over the past few years without too much effort having been required on my part. I have somehow managed to be promoted twice despite having had two lengthy bouts of maternity leave and am now in a role that I feel more than comfortable with, and that has allowed me to find something vaguely resembling that elusive work-life balance that seems so hard to find. 

However, things are changing. My part of the company is due to be taken over by a much larger competitor sometime in the next couple of months. My role, once a full integration process has been completed, will be redundant. I would be lying if I did not say this was worrying, however, my overriding  sentiment is positive - there will be more opportunities with the new company, and for the first time in a while I can actually scent a real opportunity for change, which is more than necessary. I fear I have got stale and complacent, and (dare I say it) bored.

So, for 2011 I would like to feel stretched again intellectually, I'd like to get thrown out of my comfort zone and get a buzz out of working with new people and processes doing something completely different.

Wish me luck.


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