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Friday 29 October 2010

The Movie of My Life

I know I've been a bit of a lightweight on the posts recently. I'm not going to apologise, that's just the way it goes. However, there's nothing like a meme when the blogging inspiration is not flowing. Nickie over at Typecast  and She Means Well both posted on a loose theme along the same lines, namely what a film of their life would look like, and it got me thinking about who would play me in a silver screen version of my life. 

Now, I don't know about you, but I've only ever been told that I look like someone famous twice in my life - both times by men trying to get access to my underwear, so I didn't really take it that seriously. 

Bizarrely, the first time, I was likened to a "young Grace Kelly" - very flattering, I'm sure you'll agree, although bizarre mainly due to the fact that I was actually dressed as Magenta from the Rocky Horror Show at the time. (A most memorable night, during which there was no longer any doubt whatsoever about the sexuality of my friend M, after he rolled up in full Frank 'Nfurter costume...)

Spot the Difference
Anyway, as is widely known, Grace Kelly sadly no longer resides with us, so having her play me in a story of my life would probably be slightly tricky.

Moving on to only second person I have ever been compared to; Nina Persson - lead singer of Swedish band The Cardigans:

I think the comparison was mainly based on the Scandinavian cheekbones that we share, although I do actually think that she looks a bit more like mummyblogger in the pic above!

Anyway, as she's not really Hollywood enough, I've finally decided to go with (...drumroll please...):

Yes - Drew Barrymore - mainly as she does the slightly goofy ingĂ©nue so well, and I can't hide my slightly clumsy and haphazard side, no matter how I try to be the graceful swan. Pictured above with a certain someone my husband used to get compared to when we first met (this was the mid-nineties, when anyone with a floppy fringe liked to think they were straight out of Four Weddings and a Funeral). 

I think these days he's less Hugh Grant, and more Robert Downey Jr, though:

I so would
Anyway, as this wasn't really a meme that got passed on to me as such, I'm not going to tag anyone, but am going to leave it open to any of you that feel you fancy a go. 


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