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Wednesday 25 August 2010

Forgive Me, Mulberry, For I Have Sinned

Spot The Difference

I bought a new handbag at the weekend. This in itself is quite an event, as I don't normally "do" bags. 

I have also mentioned in a previous post that my dream handbag would be a Mulberry Alexa.  When wandering past our local Next, I spotted a bag in the window that looked sort of familiar. Even husband spotted it. "That's a blatant copy of an Alexa, isn't it?!" he said*. I ummed and ahhed and in the end decided to take the plunge - the pricetag was certainly a lot more palatable than a real one! Having stroked a "real" one, however, I must admit it hasn't satisfied my craving. 

In some ways I wonder how they get away with it, but I suppose they would say that there are enough differences to be obvious - the fact that it's not leather, and the two pockets at the front (hopefully the photo quality on the second is not too bad to make the resemblance obvious), but the inspiration is certainly clear. 

Does it matter? Why do I have a weird niggling feeling that my purchase is somehow not quite right?
(*Guess the brainwashing is working, then!)


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